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"Roughie"--water with psyllium, matcha tea, flax, collagen and chia seeds

Fiber is good for you, but it can be hard to get what you need on a low carb diet. One way I get fiber in the morning is with a “Roughie”. (Yup, I made the name up.)

For years, I drank smoothies—a concoction of almond or soy milk, fruit, psyllium, flax and other ingredients. I started drinking them some 25+ years ago, when I was still in my twenties and my inherited high cholesterol prompted my cardiologist to suggest psyllium. Psyllium is heart healthy and helps with regularity because it’s all fiber. Flax is also fiber rich. I drank the smoothies and got lots of fiber and my digestive system was always happy.

Then I started the Keto diet and no longer wanted all that high carb fruit. So, I stuck the psyllium, flax and more into a glass of water and chugged it. It is pretty nasty, but it does give me a nice fiber boost in the morning and gets things going! The Roughie was born!

Fiber rich powerhouses: hemp haearts, chia seeds, flax and psyllium

I also add matcha tea, which gives it that color. You can experiment, but I use pasture-raised collagen, matcha tea, psyllium, flax, and chia seeds. By experiment, I mean to start with small dosages of whatever fiber-rich additives you want to try.

A word of advice…both psyllium and chia seeds expand when in water, making water thick. So make your drink and consume it as quickly as you can!

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