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Roasted Chicken with Indian Spiced Spinach and Keto Rolls

Roasted chicken, Indian spiced spinach and Keto rolls

Generally, I cook enough for two nights for Dave and me. I do this for a variety of reasons:

  1. Deciding what to cook is half the battle, so I have less decisions to make.
  2. Saves time. Now, I don’t cook all meals in their entirety for two days; it depends on what I’m making. For example, with this meal, I cooked up a batch of the spiced spinach, meant for two days. But the chicken—which is the easiest thing to cook—I’ll make fresh both days.
  3. A lot of ingredients are sold in portions of 4.
  4. Makes me a better cook. Even the greatest chef wasn’t born that way—cooking is a learning process and I’ll continue to improve until I die. On day one, if I find something can be improved, I’ll do so for the next night. I’ll even make notes and changes in my recipe book.

As mentioned, I generally cook enough for two dinners, with no leftovers. But somehow, two pounds of spinach plus two zucchinis was a lot of food and there were leftovers. I wasn’t going to make the tofu and queso blanco again, so I decided to make my trusty roasted chicken. I was in the mood for dark meat.

I also baked all three kinds of Keto rolls that I make yesterday, and we shared #1 and #3 last night. #3 is not my recipe, and I am sorry, but do not have the baker’s name who created it. Please let me know if you recognize it and I can give credit to this awesome low carb roll!

Recipe for Keto roll #3 . Roasted chicken (Same recipe, but kept it plain, adding only salt and pepper.) and Indian Spiced Spinach.

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