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Roasted Chicken and Tomatoes with Haricot Verts Almondine 

Roasted Chicken and Tomatoes with Haricot Verts Almondine

I make roasted on the bone chicken all the time; it is foolproof and by varying herbs and a couple ingredients and the sides, it

For this meal, I used fresh rosemary and sage, yellow tomatoes, salt and pepper. Then I steamed haricot verts, sautéed raw sliced almonds in butter until brown and put the beans back into the pan with the almonds.

Because I didn’t add any thickener, I put juice in a ramekin so it doesn’t run all over the plate; it’s just runoff from the meat, tomatoes and spices. Delicious dunking the meat into it!

never gets boring. Sometimes I use breasts, sometimes thighs.

 Roasted Chicken Parts Recipe

Chicken parts, rinsed and dried

Lemon juice

Fresh herbs

Fresh cherry or grape tomatoes

Salt and pepper

Line a sheet pan with parchment paper for easier cleanup. Place chicken skin side down and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook 30 minutes and flip. If using, add herbs, and tomatoes Add more salt and pepper and cook 30 minutes. Add lemon juice to chicken when you remove it from oven. Sit 10 minutes

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