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Preview of Newest Fiber Art Ball!

fiber felted art ball
Untitled image untouched of fiber felted ball

I am currently working on creating finished images from my latest felted fiber art ball. This ball took about 8 months to complete, and is about 10″ round. While working on it, I got my house ready to sell. If you have ever prepared to sell and move, you know what a stressful and seemingly never ending period that can be. Having my fiber ball to work on while I was getting my stuff in order was my calm space and respite.  The house sold a couple months ago and I am now living full time in Manhattan.

The first image is one section of the fiber art ball and is untouched. I use a Better Light Digital camera which scans at a super high resolution, thus allowing tons of detail when magnified. To get an idea of the resolution, images for the web are 72 dpi; for photographs in printed books, 300 dpi. This image was scanned at 1200 dpi! Scanning at such a high resolution keeps the smallest details sharp when magnified.  Scroll down to see as photographs are cropped and further magnified. Note the cool details of the wool fibers that emerge!

Felted fiber art ball cropped

Felt Wool Ball closer up

The next image is of one section taken from the first image and it has been cropped. Can you see from which section it was taken?

The next photo is another crop and further magnification.

Felted fiber art ball cropped more

Finally, this cropped photograph is about 1/2″ big on the actual fiber art ball. You can now see the fibers of the wool very clearly. (Magnify much more than this and all you will see is color and then finally, pixels.

felted fiber art ball
Cropped and magnified felted fiber ball

I have just started working on manipulating the photographs from this ball. If you would like to be notified of any updates and when the photographs will be ready, please sign up for my newsletter: (At the bottom of the page.)

My current work can also be accessed from the Home page.