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New Topics: Recipes, Feng Shui, Green and More!

I have had numerous careers and interests over my life and want to share some of what I have learned! So, starting today, I will be posting a variety of subjects on my blog:

  • Recipes and cooking techniques
  • Interior design and garden tips
  • Green or eco-friendly info
  • Feng Shui
  • Whatever else might pop in my mind.

I will post these subjects because I realize I would rather work on my art than blog about it. I am not comfortable posting “works in progress” or discussing techniques. For me, working on my art is a private endeavor. When a piece is finished, I am happy to show it, but talking about it–not so much.

I have loved fiber art since I was a kid. But for most of my life, it was a hobby,  partly because I had other things I wanted to do as well.  Like write books. Harmonious Environment was my first book and it won Best Non-Fiction!

Harmonious Environment

I also love to cook and worked as a chef and owner of a catering company.  I might write a cookbook that focuses on dinner menus–healthy, tasty and balanced meals–with what goes well together.

For almost five years, I have kept a “Dinner Diary”, recording meals and what worked well together (and not so much)!

So I will be sharing some recipes and cooking techniques that I hope you like.

I went to Parson’s School of Design for Interior Design and worked for years. I will share some useful tips on decorating your home. And since I am constantly fixing things, some DIY techniques as well.

I also studied Feng Shui and adapted it to design projects. (There are different schools of this ancient practice, and some of them are way too hard-core and not applicable in the 21st Century. I took the stuff that makes sense and ignored the rest.)

In one of those moments, it dawned on me that Feng Shui (basically, good energy, good energy flow) is only going to be effective if the home is also free from toxic chemicals.

It was around this time that I decided to gather all these subjects and write Harmonious Environment. I spent a couple years researching and a big part of that was on the environment and what was bad and good for it. (This was 2004 and green living was not on the radar like it is now.)

Anyway, I am planning on having some fun with this and I encourage you to reach out and ask me any questions or suggest a post you might be interested in reading.







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