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Low Carb Meatloaf & Cabbage

Low carb meatloaf and cabbage

Comfort food! If you are used to putting breadcrumbs or panko into your meatloaf and are afraid you’ll miss this low carb version, don’t worry—with all the flavors and good texture, you won’t even notice.

The gelatin gives meatloaf (and balls) a better texture and more moisture.

I used goat cheese in this recipe and it gives the meatloaf lots of flavor, almost competing with the grass fed beef. I liked it, but goat cheese really amps up the much needed flavor when using chicken or turkey.

Low Carb Meatloaf

1 pound grass fed beef, buffalo, pork, turkey or chicken

1 Egg

¼ cup milk or half and half

½ envelope gelatin

4 medium Portobella mushrooms (optional)

1 onion (optional)

Garlic (optional)


1 teaspoon dry mustard/Dijon

½ cup parmesan or 3 ounces goat cheese

1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce

1 tablespoon tomato paste

Parsley, chopped

Combine gelatin, egg and milk and let sit 5 minutes. Sauté garlic, onion and mushrooms cook. Mix with rest and bake 350 45 minutes.

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