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Low Carb, Low Fat Diet

I got tired of people looking at my trim dogs and then looking at overweight me, and concluded I had to go on their diet. “It looks like you take better care of your dogs than yourself,” was a comment from an elderly woman in my apartment building; she had a point. 

My seven year old Pugs, Cobi and Ferdi, eat low fat proteins, bone stock and vegetables, which is the recommended diet from the integrative vet they go to called Smith Ridge in South Salem, New York. They actually got too thin and now get a little potato added to their diets. So my Pugs are fit and healthy and have great coats—what could I lose by eating what they eat?

This past January, I also went to a new doctor for my annual exam. My bloodwork showed that I was pre-diabetic; the year before showed the same thing. My blood pressure is also too high and I am on meds and hate that. That time, one of his assistants told be to “cut down” on high carbs, but I didn’t listen.

However, this year was different. A good friend of mine (who was not overweight) had been showing signs of diabetes and she made changes in her diet and was feeling better. Ferdi, my Pug, has diabetes and it sucks. It finally dawned on me that if I didn’t make changes—cut the high carb foods and lose weight—I would eventually get diabetes.

With my friend coaching me, I made the changes in my diet in late January, and have been eating a low fat, low carb diet ever since. I have always exercised, but have increased the intensity on that, too. I am losing weight, but slowly.

BTW…I was weighed at my annual at my gynecologist in April and got depressed over how little weight I had lost and told him so. He said that people who lose weight quickly will gain it back and slow is better. That, for most people, just maintaining weight as you get older is difficult. He said to expect my goal to take a good year to accomplish. He made me feel better.

Writing this in July, there is definite weight loss. Now, I know for many people, the scale plays a major part, but I don’t want to know. Been there and constant weighing myself makes me crazy and obsessive. My clothes have gotten too big; I am losing weight.

This blog will be all about delicious, healthy, low carb, low fat recipes. Follow me on my Facebook page or sign up for my newsletter  (scroll to bottom of page) and enjoy! Conversely, if you want to be inspired by good (and mostly easy and fast to make) dishes, but are into carbs, just add some pasta, bread, rice or whatnot and enjoy.  Depending on my mood, I’ll write about my experiences with food. Cooking tips…decorating…whatever I feel like writing about.  I hope to get feedback, questions and your thoughts.  If you like to eat, I am pretty sure you’ll like my recipes.