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Chocolate Coconut Fat Bomb

Chocolate coconut fat bomb

I decided to experiment with a “sweet” fat bomb that has no added sweetner and came up with this. Your mouth will feel the cocoa butter and taste the chocolate and think it’s eating a sweet! You can, of course, add a real sweetner like Stevia–but I personally don’t trust any of them.

Chocolate Coconut Fat Bomb

4 ounces cocoa butter

2 tablespoons cocao

½ cup raw almond butter

½ cup coconut flakes

½ cup raw almond slivers or other nut, like macadamia, pecans, almonds

½  teaspoon vanilla extract


Sauté almond slivers low temp in ghee until golden; put aside. Melt cocao butter low in saucepan.. Turn off heat and add remaining ingredients except almonds. Allow to cool a bit, then add almonds, pour into a parchment lined pan and refrigerate until hard, one hour. Cut into chunks.